Parcours académique

Date  d'obtention Type de diplôme Intitulé du Diplôme Institut d'obtention
2016 Doctorat Sciences de gestion Université Hassan 1èr - Settat
2008 Master Management de projet Université Ibn tofail - Kénitra
2006 Licence Finance - comptabilité Université Ibn tofail - Kénitra


Expériences  en enseignement

Du Au Intitulé de poste Domaines d'enseignement Organisme
01/09/2017 présent Enseignant - chercheur comptabilité - management ESCA Ecole de management
01/10/2016 30/01/2017 Enseignant - vacataire management stratégique ESG Business School
01/09/2013 30/07/2016 Enseignant - vacataire management d'entreprise FSJES - Université Hassan 1èr
01/09/2009 30/07/2013 Enseignant - vacataire comptabilité générale FSJES - Université Hassan 1èr

Expériences professionnelles

Du AU Intitulé de poste Organisme


Articles Scientifiques
Youssef SAIDA, (2018), Predicting the virtual financial communication content: A discriminant analysis applied on small and medium stocks, International Journal of Business and Management, 13(8). Article en cours de publication
Y. KOHAIL, Y. SAIDA, R. BOUTHANOUTE & A. HASBAOUI. (2016), What are stress sources of Business students in Moroccan Universities?, International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studie, 18(4). Retrieved from:
Y. SAIDA, Y. KOHAIL, H. FASLY & R. BOUTHANOUTE. (2016), The Relationship between Coordination Mechanisms and Communication Efficiency in Projects Involving Marketing Managers: Quantitative Findings from Moroccan SMEs. International Journal of Marketing Studies, 8(5). Canadian Center of Science and Education. DOI:
Y. KOHAIL, Y. SAIDA, J. OBAD & A. SOULHI. (2016), The qualities of a good manager … what does it mean? Lessons learned from the Undergraduate Business Students’ Perception in Kingdom of Morocco. International Journal of Business and Management. 11(8). Canadian Center of Science and Education. DOI:10.5539/ijbm.v11n8p86

Autres publications
SAIDA, Y. & KOHAIL, Y. (2018, March). Leading Effective Change in North African companies: Insights from Moroccan perspective. ENTREPRENEURSHIP, RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT, AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the CIK-6th International Conference in collaboration with ESCA Ecole de Management, Casablanca, Morocco.
SAIDA, Y. KOHAIL, Y. OBAD, J. & R. BOUTHANOUTE.  (2016, December), Time-related behavior and entrepreneurial risk-taking culture : The case of Moroccan business students, Paper presented at the 5ème édition du Colloque International ISMO (International Studies in Management and Organisation), IDRAC Business School, Hammamet, Tunisie.
SOULHI, A. BENESRIGHE,  D. HASBAOUI, A. & Y. SAIDA. (2010, November 30-December 2), Essay on efficient implementation of integrated risk management approach. In V. Mladenov, K. Psarris, N. Mastorakis, A. Caballero & G. Vachtsevanos. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the International Conference on Development, Energy, Environment, Economics (DEEE '10). Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife. WSEAS Press.


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