Presentation :  International BBA

In today's interdependent global economy, demand is growing for people who are knowledgeable in international business. Having a solid knowledge of economics, marketing, finance, and management in a global context opens up career opportunities with multinational companies, SMEs internationally expanding, international organizations, and entrepreneurship on the international scene.
The International BBA program is designed to develop learners' managerial and communication skills and prepare them for the business world. It aims to develop students' leadership capabilities and strengthen their entrepreneurial abilities through a well-structured curriculum that incorporates the essential skillsets for effective business management at the international level.

Program Highlights

  • Internships and corporate experience
  • Tri-Continental track
  • International Experience
  • Unique Learning Experience
  • Multiple Professional Certifications
  • State-of-the Art Campus Facilities

Professional outlook

  • Entrepreneur
  • Supply chain manager
  • Human resource manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Market research analyst
  • Business development manager

7 Competences learning outcomes & Experience

7 Competences learning outcomes & Experience



As a full English program, ESCA’s IBBA is the most international Bachelor's Program in Morocco thanks to its unique worldwide exposure and the emphasis it puts on international experience and the mastery of foreign languages.

By choosing the IBBA, you get the opportunity to study abroad, discover other cultures and make great connections across the world.  You can choose your destination at one of ESCA’s 110 international partner Business Schools in 50 countries.

ESCA’s International BBA will take your business education beyond borders. Whether you are looking for a short introduction course to doing business in a new region or want to spend a complete semester immersing yourself in a new culture, we have the right program for you.


Program Content & Courses

The International Bachelor of Business Administration (International BBA) Program is the first of its kind in Morocco, offering an innovative, comprehensive, and real-world learning experience for those with aspirations to work in an international environment after their graduation.

The four-year International BBA program builds on ESCA’s long-standing international reputation. International BBA students learn business through multiple lenses: internationally-focused core courses, the study of a second language, and a mandatory exchange semester at one of ESCA’s leading business school partners around the globe.

By joining ESCA’s International BBA, you will learn to think globally in multicultural classes in our new state-of-the-art campus in the heart of Casablanca Finance City – the international financial hub of Morocco.

Choose your destination

Choose your destination

  • Full exchange semesters
  • Summer programs
  • International internships
  • Global experience with a double degree

By choosing the Tri-continental Track, you will design your own international trajectory with the help of our International Relations team.
You will get to choose to spend at least two semesters in a partner school on two different continents.
At the end of your Tri-continental Track, you will receive, along with your Bachelor’s degree, the Tri-continental Track Certificate recognizing your international exposure.