Morocco – Kingdom of light

More than just a country to visit, Morocco is a country that you need to experience through its art, its living culture and its craftsmanship. With several dynasties that have succeeded one another over the years: from the Idrissi de dynasty to the Alaouite dynasty, Morocco has gained international consideration as a multicultural country, with several types of heritage recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO. Morocco is one of the go-to destinations for discovery lovers, the most fascinated by nature, history, the art of living and Moroccan hospitality.

Morocco is among the best world destinations in 2023, according to experts in the tourism sector, underlines the American daily Washington Post. The newspaper shared that even before the 2022 Qatar World Cup, which brought Morocco to worldwide attention, the country was already a popular travel destination.

For a better insight regarding the country, we invite you to watch the last promotional video by the Moroccan Tourism Office entitled :  Encounter the light of Morocco : Video