« …My time in Morocco was incredible. Myself and roughly 30 other Stern students spent November 23rd – 29th in Morocco, the first 4 days in Casablanca and the following 3 days in Marrakesh. To prepare us for the trip, we had a pre-departure assignment to summarize the current economic status of Morocco, so we had at least had a foundation before we were immersed in the classroom. While in Casablanca, we attended lectures at ESCA, learning the history of Morocco, the political environment and the economic future of the country. We also learned quite a bit outside the classroom. While in Casablanca we had a guided city tour, visited the Hassan II Mosque, ate at authentic restaurants and toured a local company, Lesieur Cristal, an Agro-Industrial manufacturer.  While in Marrakesh, we explored the Djemaa-El-Fnaa souk, visited a candle-making factory and watched artisans hand-craft wooden goods.

While taking classes and experiencing the culture in Morocco, I was keeping in mind the final assignment we had ti complete. We had been broken up into teams before the trip commenced, and were assigned to strategize how to increase business between Morocco & USA, according to the free trade agreement. Each team had to represent a North American company for an implementation in Morocco or North Africa. My group was able to think strategically about the problem and recommend a relevant and thoughtful solution since we had spent time in the country first-hand.

Through this DBi, I not only learned more about North Africa, but made new friends both from Stern and ESCA, experienced a completely different culture and way of doing business and most importantly, learned more about myself. Since I’m graduating next May, I will not be attending another DBi, but I will be taking two operations courses: one in Las Vegas in January and one in Panama over Spring Break. I can’t wait to share those with you! »

Victoria Langone Fabiano, NYU Stern School of Business, MBA 2015

« The doing business in Morocco and North Africa international week presented by ESCA exceeded all expectations. Engaging faculty, lively discussions, personal attention to detail and extremely interesting visits to diverse organizations made this a once in a lifetime experience. ESCA is exceptional in terms of balancing a personal touch and remaining professional at all instances. The amount of learning balanced with diverse social activities to also allow engagement into the local culture makes this a favorite global destination for Stellenbosch students. »

Pr. Martin Butler, Professor University of Stellenbosch

« I was very impressed with the great hospitality received from ESCA during our stay at the ESCA school.

I had the opportunity to network with some of the student of the School. I enjoyed the opportunity to share international market challenges and opportunity with some of your students and I have exchanged emails with them.

I have also attended a very interesting guest lecture on entrepeneurial challenges and opportunities in Morocco. I was amazed by the passion I felt on the speaker and on the great opportunities that Morocco has a growing nation in the world market.

I also enjoyed the invite at the social dinner organized by Dr. Ghorfi in a beautiful Moroccan restaurant.

Thanks very much for the assistance and support for this incredible trip visiting  Morocco, I remember it as one of the best experience in my life. »

 Massimo Masini (January 2013), MS.Eng – MBA – CSSBB

MBA student from California State University- Long Beach

« Spring 2018 was my last semester as an undergrad student at GSU. I had the opportunity to participate in the study abroad program in Morocco and it was one of the best experiences of my life.  Africa was an unknown continent for me and I wanted to learn about it while having a deep immersion in the culture. ESCA made my experience unforgettable, the staff was always attentive and made us feel welcome the minute we arrived at the airport. My favorite part was having the opportunity to spend time with the students inside and outside the classroom. We created peer to peer connections and friendships that are hard to replicate on the web.

The schedule was carefully planned, and we were able to visit and enjoy many historical and cultural places. I wish we had more time to explore and interact with locals but I’m more than thankful for everything that I learned and experienced.

I can’t wait to go back!! »

Natalia Garcia, Georgia State Univeristy, Spring 2018

« Through our interaction with students and school leadership, we learned about the business opportunities available in Africa and specifically, the steps ESCA is taking to prepare their graduates to become business leaders in Africa. The Ministry of Tourism spoke to us about Morocco’s plan for to become a leading global destination by the year 2020. Additionally, we had the opportunity to learn about recent changes in Morocco’s legal code that grants unprecedented freedoms to Moroccan women, enabling them to freely participate in the global economy.

I left Morocco highly impressed with ESCA and fully confident that the African continent and Morocco’s neighboring European countries would soon reap the many benefits of the exceptional business education provided to students by ESCA. »

Emily Lapp, MBA student University of San Diego