Three basic values form the ultimate reference and the basis on which the ESCA Ecole de Management  culture was built : Ambition, Innovation and commitment


  • Ambition

    We believe that ambition is a true agent of progress in Business Education;
    We welcome individuals who have ambition both for themselves and for the entities they will join in order to contribute by creating value;
    We experiment in our work models that are congruent with the development dynamics in Morocco, and we share with our our partners.


  • Innovation

    We constantly question ourselves to find new opportunities and make progress.We are open to other universes. We entertain a spirit of entrepreneurship.



  • Sense of Commitment

    We wish to be actors of economic development by educating innovative and socially responsible managers;
    We always stand by our promises to all our stakeholders (Faculty, Participants, Academic Partners, Corporate Community, etc…);
    In all we do, we always abide by the principles of equity and show respect for equal opportunity and diversity.