State Recognition

ESCA Management School, a State Recognized Business School

In accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions relating to the organization of higher education, ESCA Ecole de Management obtained the State Recognition on 31 March 2017.

The recognition of ESCA Management School by the State testifies to the quality of the teaching given in the various curricula of the school and the conformity of its pedagogic model to the standards defined by the State. It also gives the graduates of the school equivalence to national diplomas and therefore offers the opportunity for its graduates to enter the public service or to practice certain regulated professions.

Such a distinction confirms the reputation already enjoyed by school alumni among both Moroccan and international companies. It also gives confidence to ESCA Management School from its prestigious national and international academic partners. Finally, it encourages the school’s scientific research efforts to change the managerial practices of the country and the region.

The recognition of ESCA Management School by the State is also the result of its strategic choices and its culture of continuous improvement which is inspired by the best international standards. These efforts allow the school to confirm its national and regional leadership.

ESCA Management School is committed to continuing its national and regional influence based on the academic excellence of its training offer and the relevance of its scientific work. It intends to contribute to Morocco’s collective efforts to develop the higher education sector and enable the Kingdom to become an educational hub of excellence for the continent.


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