Studing at ESCA : the choice of an opened route on the company

Choosing ESCA Ecole de Management means to get prepared for a real career as a manager through a program adapted to  company and organization needs. ESCA Ecole of Management encourages immersion in companies throughout the Grande Ecole Master Program, and each internship is the subject of a report presentation in front of company officials, teachers and a jury.

Intership periods :


StagesNiveau d’étudesDurée et périodeObjectifs
Stage terrainFirst Year1 Month – June–        Being familiar with the team work

–        To discover the company, in situation of employee in the industry or the tertiary.

Stage d’applicationSecond Year6 Weeks May- June–        Refine your understanding of the company, its organization and its environment.

–        – Apply your acquired knowledge on a practical situation.

Stage OpérationnelThird Year2 Months  January and February–        Discover deeply one of the company functions.

–        – Confirm the choice of Track.

Mission Bras DroitFourth year3 Months – april- June–        Understand the challenges and even the dilemmas that managers must face.

–        Learn how to handle complex situations and solve problems even under the pressure of multiple tasks.

Stage/ mission ProfessionnelleFifth Year6 Months  from January–        – Acquire a scientific research methodology on a business case or sector.

–        – Add value to the company through strategic and / or operational recommendations.


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