Quality Insurance

In order to verify the achievement of the objectives of its study programs, ESCA Ecole de Management relies on an assurance quality system based on several tools that ensure the academic excellence of the teachings that it dispenses for its students and participants.

The control of the academic quality of ESCA EM’s programs is accomplished at both internal and external levels.

In terms of external control, all the school’s programs are accredited and subjected to the control of the ministry of higher education, scientific research and executive education.

External control also involves regular audits organized by the school, with the participation of senior academic officials (a dean for example) from an international institution, to verify the school’s compliance with the international requirements for business Education. Such an approach is based on the guidance and reviewing of international accreditations.

Simultaneously, the school has adopted internal mechanisms to control the academic quality of the school. On one hand, ESCA Ecolde de  Management has adopted a quality management policy,  inspired by international standards (EPAS, AACSB, ISO), but personalized in line with its mission and strategic objectives. The school has adopted a set of academic procedures in order to specifically define, the actions to be carried out and the performance indicators that should be targeted by the various stakeholders to guarantee the development and implementation of the programs according to the applicable standards.


On the other hand, the school uses an assurance of learning system to measure the degree of achievement of the educational objectives of the curriculum. It’s inspired by the best practices recommended by the international standards (AACSB) targeted by the school. The AOL system covers the academic activities of all ESCA EM’s degree programs.