Finance, Auditing & Management Controle

The Finance, Auditing and Control Accounting Program focuses on the development of skills for careers in Finance, Audit and Control through semesters at ESCA Ecole de Management and the possibility of a semester abroad. The lessons are taught in French and English. One semester with a professional business experience will complete the program.
Courses are taught in French

4th year
Semester 1

• Problem Solving Technics
• Innovation and Business Models
• Corporate Accounting
• Optimization and Management of the Treasury
• Portfolio Management
• Globalization : Intercultural Management and Geopolitics

Semester 2

• Leadership
• Special Actions Accounting
• Budget and Dashboard
• International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
• Complexity Management
• Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
• Internship : Right Arm Mission

5th year
Semester 1

• Accounting and Financial Audit
• Intern Audit
• Strategic Management of Functions
• Corporate Evaluation
• International Financial Risk Management
• Groups Financial Strategy
• Methodology

Semester 2

• Internship : Professional Thesis