Entrepreneurship & International Development

Candidate Profile :

• Students in higher education who have completed their third year
• Graduates Bac+3 all sectors
• Holder of a professional license

Sélection :

• Study of the application,
• Interview and written tests (General Education, Business Organisation, Communication, English)

4th year
Semester 1
Communication et Personal Development

•Espagnol 5
•Anglais 7 : Preparation for the TOEIC
•Personal Development & Human Performance

Management :

•Supply Chain Management
•Total Quality Management
•International Trade
•Research Methodology : Quantitative Methods


•International Management of Human Resources
•International Law
•International Market Studies
•Strategy: Emerging Champions

Global Perspective

•Business Ethics
•Geopolitical 1 : MENA & AFRICA
•Intercultural Management

Semestre 2
Communication et Personal Development

•Spanish 6
•Business English/ Dialectel Arabic
•Personal Development & Human Performance


•Innovation Management
•Decision Support Systems
•International Project Management
•Research Methodology : Quantitative Methods


•Creation and Recovery of Business
•Project Funding
•Business Models of Innovation
•Business Plans et Funding Decisions

Global Perspective

•Geopolitical 2 : Geopolitics in the Euro-Mediterranean Area
•Social Innovations
•Right Arm Project (International Projects)

5ème année
Semester 1
Management Avancé

•Complexity Management
•International Entrepreneurship
•Organizational Management


•Geopolitics 1 : ASIA Opportunities & Risks
•Geopolitics 2 : Geopolitics in the Euro-Mediterranean Area (Advanced)
•Geopolitics 3 : AFRICA & AFRICA (Advanced)

Spécialisation 1

•Entrepreneurship in Africa
•Entrepreneurship in Mediterranean
•Family Business: Family Businesses Management

Specialization 2

•Internalization Strategy
•Small and Medium-Sized Companies Management
•Regional and International Development Models

Semestre 2
Professionalisation Module

Synthesis Case

Professional Thesis