Specialty: Communication et Methodology

Rihab ABBA holds a PhD. in Advertising Discourse from Hassan II University in Mohammedia, as well as a Third Cycle Degree in French Language and Literature.

From 2001 to 2004, Dr Rihab ABBA has worked as a Program Manager at Afrique Challenge office for continuous training, then as Manager General of Capermar, both subsidiaries in Morocco of COGEFI Afrique Group. She was Head of Pedagogical Department at ESCA Ecole de Management Casablanca from 2004 to 2006.

Dr Rihab ABBA has been teaching Communication and Management classes since 1999. Her areas of expertise are Business Communication, Problem Solving and Complexity Management.

In 2017, jointly with co-author Dr Zoulikha MAAROUFI, she has been awarded the Prize of Best Case Study in the TEMPUS PORFIRE Project, a multi-country Joint Project funded by the European Union. In the same year, Dr Rihab ABBA has been awarded the Prize of Best Innovation in Education at ESCA School of Management.

Dr Rihab ABBA is a faculty member and researcher at ESCA Ecole de Management, where she is also in charge of International Business Program.

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