Specialty: Innovation Management

Nabil EL HILALI is a professor Researcher at ESCA Business School Casablanca, Senior Consultant in innovation management and design thinking catalyst.

In a transdisciplinary perspective, he holds Ph.D. in management Science from Audencia Business School / University of Nantes and Ph.D. in Humanities and Social Sciences from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis France.

Author of a Ph.D. dissertation on design in its interaction with branding and marketing management, his research focuses on the management of innovation, branding management and design thinking.

As an academic, he has published in distinguished scientific journals, he  is  a reviewer of Design management conference Institute  in  Boston  and  has participate in international conferences such “Design research society”;  “European  Academy  of  Design”;  “Francophone  Research  Network  Design”; “Tokyo International Association of Societies of Design Research”; “Taiwan International Conference on Kansei Design”, “Boston Design management academy conference”, Hong-Kong Design Management Academy conference”  and  “Design  Management  Conference Cambridge”. His current work currently focused both on theory and consulting practice toward national and international companies on innovation management, new product development and design thinking as driven innovation catalyst.

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