Mathematics and Statistics

Research professor at ESCA-Ecole de Management. Holds a PhD in economics from the Hassan I University, with a basic training in econometrics and a PhD in decision-making computer science from Lyon 2 University. Her doctoral research work focused on the selection of relevant variables, a fundamental question for the choice of non-redundant explanatory variables and for improving the performance of forecasting models.

She is generally interested in modeling economic phenomena using quantitative tools, Islamic finance, choice of proximity measures, data mining and sentiment analysis (opinion mining -Big data- ). Her research has been published in two journals (AI Communications (2016), RNTI (2015, 2016 and 2018)), an international work (Advances in Knowledge and Management Discovery (AKDM, 2017, Springer)) and communications at international conferences (AIPR'14, AAFD & SFC16, CloudTech'17).

Fatima-zahra Aazi has participated in the realization of several national surveys within the University Hassan I, including one on the employability and the dynamics of the professional integration of the laureates of the University, a self-evaluation of the institutions of the University and a study on the impacts of continuing education at Hassan University 1st.


With 6 years of teaching experience, she teaches SPSS data analysis, statistics, optimization techniques, multicriteria analysis of decision support, survey techniques and others related to the economy. , econometrics and statistics.

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