My Exchange Experience at ESCA

« My experience at ESCA Ecole de Management was unique! I met incredible people, the most valuable thing from the whole trip, not only Moroccans but also other nationalities. If I need to choose one favourite event will be difficult, but I thing a night under a thousand stars in the dessert is the one. I cannot take back home Morocco with me, but I took friendship and business opportunities, having great excuses to come back! »

Luis Felipe Morellos Orozco, IPADE Business School-Mexico, Fall 2017


« My experience in Morocco has been a truly impressive one. Getting to know this diverse country and being inspired by its fascinating people will have a lasting influence on my personal and professional future. Studying at ESCA has indeed enriched and diversified my education. Learning about a new culture always helps you to understand not only this new culture but also your own one. All in all, I honestly recommend to come and experience the hospitality of the Moroccan people and especially the Welcome-team at ESCA. »

Joana Schierling Fall 2016, 4th IB year Augsburg- Allemagne

« I enjoyed my time at ESCA, it was a great place to learn about another culture and become a more well-rounded person. The people here are great and will make sure your experience in Morocco is unforgettable. I chose morocco because i wanted to experience a very different culture and still be in close proximity to Europe. »

Jordan T.Lee Spring 2016, Brock University (CANADA), Spring 2016


« The decision to come to Morocco as a choice of host country for exchange was not an easy one. This was because of people’s general perception of Morocco being an unsafe country to live in. As a rule, I choose not to believe “hearsay” from others especially when they have not actually visited the country itself. Hence, I was still determined to pursue my exchange programme in Casablanca with ESCA.

I came with an open mind and little expectations. Casablanca has always been a place that interests me for years. This inquisition was fueled by the Hollywood movie “Casablanca”. I became further curious after a few of seniors I know did their exchange program in Morocco with Esca. To say the least, Morocco has broaden my perspectives about the world economy in the African market. The case studies taught in Esca helped fuel my understanding of the emerging market that has an interesting demography which poses both challenges and opportunities for businesses. The whole experience in Morocco has been fulfilling. There is so many cities to see with so many differing cultures. there are definitely shortcomings about Morocco when compared to first world countries. Nevertheless, I would still recommend anyone who is willing to step out of his/her comfort zone to experience Morocco and it’s unique environment. »

Jaz Nur, Singapore Management University (Singapour), Spring 2016

« ESCA Ecole de Management has been a great host. The orientation session we had before the official school day was really helpful in allowing us to unwind and establish bonds with the local and foreign students in an informal setting. How can one NOT enjoy FREE LUNCH AND PAINTBALL SESSION?!! 🙂

Courses are varied, and I am glad the schedule for us exchange students are very flexible…… I have been to classes with faculty members reigning from many countries so this adds up to the vibrancy of the class.

The one thing I will truly cherish from ESCA are the friends I made here. The local students have been very welcoming and forthcoming since Day 1 that I step foot onto Moroccan shores. It shows the warm Moroccan culture. I’ve been blessed to have been invited by their families for meals and occasional ‘hangouts’. Indeed one can never get the true experience if one does not step foot into a local’s home! Being a very small campus, has also proven to be a blessing. It makes it easier for us to meet one another along the corridor, always being greeted by smiles and chats from familiar faces.

Morocco is a hidden gem. I’ve been very blessed and privileged to have travelled to almost all parts of the country during my 5months here. No matter how much one reads about it in travel logs, the true Moroccan experience can only be felt when one immerses one’s self in it. I’ve experience summer, fall and winter but I will never forget the warm friendships I’ve made here. Indeed Morocco has a special place in my heart. If fate has it, I will come back here again for sure. Till then, you will be missed dear Morocco. »

Nurul Jannah SHAUL HAMED, Singapore Management University (Singapour), Spring 2015

« I was always interested in Arabic countries but since the last semester my interest arouse for the ESCA. A student reported about his experiences at the Moroccan Business School and Casablanca and in addition Professor Filali told anecdotes of his home country and afterwards I was absolutely impressed of Morocco.

Due to my interest for the Arabic language I was fascinated by the idea to study management in Casablanca in order to combine two passions: International Business and the Arabic language and culture.

After informing myself about the ESCA, their supply of international courses and excellent reputation in the African continent, I decided that this university would be my first priority. The Business School sets its sights on the education of future managers and the improvement of performance in the growing Moroccan economy. I am persuaded of having the acquirements and business skills to be a part of the future-oriented aims of the ESCA.

In lectures like “International Trade” and “International Sales” I see the unique opportunity to prove my skills in the branch of International Business. Especially “Doing Business in MENA” interests me a lot because I would like to integrate studies about the Middle East and Northern Africa in my international focus since those areas show high potential in economic growth and global business integrity. »

Seher CAM NIHAL Fall 2015, Augsburg University (Allemagne)

« A semester abroad provides a unique insight into people’s everyday life and I wanted to use this opportunity to get to know a culture that is distinctively different from mine. Morocco, being politically stable, offers a unique chance to enjoy food made of almonds, date, puff pastry and couscous, the profound connection of men and landscape, the presence of the Muslim belief, the beauty of Arab architecture and the history of travel and trade.

It furthermore features natural beauty of its diverse landscapes as well as various touristic hot spot cities. Besides, the omnipresence of hassle and trade is very interesting from an economical point of view.

Four months of bargaining with Moroccan salesmen is a perfect training for later negotiations in my professional life.

I enjoy speaking foreign languages and ESCA provides courses in French and English as well as a wide range of language courses, offering the possibility to greatly consolidate and improve your knowledge. Visiting international as well as local professors tutor in an interactive, group-work oriented way, making it easy to get to know your open-minded Moroccan classmates. »

Isabelle SPIKER, Augsburg University (Allemagne), Fall 2015

« I chose to do my semester abroad in Morocco because of three reasons:

First due to the unique chance to practice several languages at the same time. Native speakers from all over the world are studying at ESCA, but even the Moroccans themselves are speaking two different languages. I have a lot of opportunities to practice: It’s definitively fun to learn a language!

Furthermore I wanted to experience a completely different culture- what I certainly did here. It’s not only that classmates and teachers are extremely friendly. Even people I am meeting on the streets are always offering help and are truly open-minded. As Casablanca’s inhabitants are including us in their daily life, I had the chance to get to know a lot of local traditions and practices.

The third reason why I chose Morocco was ESCA’s excellent reputation. Small working groups allow an intensive increase of knowledge and are offering a unique opportunity for discussions. Students at ESCA also have the chance to profit from professors with international backgrounds. They are brilliant role models, sharing their experiences in various fields of expertise.

After two months that I’ve spent here I’m absolutely sure that Morocco was the best choice I could have made for my semester abroad. »

Carina HAUSLADEN, Augsburg University (Allemagne), Fall 2015

« Un semestre d’études à Casablanca est une opportunité idéale pour conquérir le Maroc. Mon université offrait un échange avec ESCA Ecole de Management, c’était l’occasion rêvée pour moi, de découvrir une nouvelle culture et de côtoyer de nouvelles personnes.

ESCA Ecole de Management est une très bonne école. Elle invite des grands professeurs connus à l’échelle internationale pour assurer des cours intéressants et favoriser les débats. Durant mon séjour au Maroc, j’ai beaucoup appris sur le pays, c’est une culture impressionnante.

Le pays engrange d’une panoplie d’endroits à visiter. J’ai pu visiter le désert du Sahara, les montagnes de l’Atlas…Je suis sûr qu’il y a encore des choses à découvrir, et je suis prêt à y retourner à la première occasion. »

Darren LIOW, Singapore Management University (Singapour), Spring 2015

« Mon choix s’est basé en fait sur mon envie d’expérimenter un autre mode de vie totalement différent du nôtre. A mon arrivée à Casablanca, je cherchais une expérience interculturelle différente, que je n’ai pas pu vivre en Europe. J’ai choisi également ESCA Ecole de Management, car c’est l’une des meilleures écoles de management en Afrique.

Elle dispose d’un programme de management international intéressant, elle enseigne aussi plusieurs cous en anglais. En effet, à ESCA Ecole de Management, chaque jour est différent est plein de nouveautés intellectuelles ou culturelles.

Les étudiants et les enseignants ne vous montrent pas seulement la vie à ESCA Ecole de Management mais également le style de vie marocaine.r/>After two months that I’ve spent here I’m absolutely sure that Morocco was the best choice I could have made for my semester abroad. »

Olivia SCHMITT-WALTER, Augsburg-University (Allemagne), Fall 2014

« J’avais à ma disposition une grande de partenariats avec les écoles internationales, il y’en avait probablement plus de 40 pays dans cette dernière. Mais j’ai choisi le Maroc car je voulais avoir une expérience culturelle complètement différente de celle que je vis au Canada. Ainsi, je suis venue au Maroc pour explorer de nouveaux horizons. Je n’ai pas du tout été déçu par la culture, les gens de ce pays sont très hospitaliers.

Mon choix s’est fixé sur ESCA Ecole de Management, d’une part, j’ai été motivé par la localisation de l’école étant basée à Casablanca. Et d’autre part, j’ai été impressionné par le programme de formation qui est similaire à celui de ma faculté au Canada.

Le Maroc est impressionnant, j’ai pu visiter plusieurs endroits époustouflants, presque chaque week end, nous faisions des sorties avec les amis de la classe. Ainsi, j’ai pu visiter Marrakech, Tanger, Fès…J’ai surfé à Taghazout, à Dakhla. Enfin, j’ai constaté que les marocains sont les plus hospitaliers dans le monde. »

Michael COOPER RIDER, UVIC- University of Victoria  (Canada), Fall 2013

« My stay in Morocco was an unforgettable experience. Students at ESCA were always helpful and supported us in everything.

Teachers at ESCA shared their working experience from « real life » with us.

During my time in Casablanca I learned a lot about culture, Islam and the way of life.

I traveled around in Morocco and discovered so many wonderful places.

For me it was the best decision to spend a term abroad at ESCA in Casablanca ! »

Anne BALKE, Augsburg University – Allemagne, Spring 2012

« Having chosen ESCA in Casablanca Morocco for my exchange semester was one of the best decisions I have made in life.

The quality of education we experienced there was really great and familiar. We felt like home and after a short time we were part of ESCA. In general the Moroccan culture is great. Experiencing the great hospitality and the easy way of life enriched my stay in Casablanca.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity for such a great time. »

Sohail Mohamed NAROT, Augsburg-University (Allemagne) Spring 2012

 « Je voulais suivre un parcours entièrement anglophone dans un pays autre que la France.

En faisant mes recherches sur les écoles partenaires de EM Normandie, j’ai découvert le parcours ‘’International Business’’ de ESCA Ecole de Management.

Attiré par la qualité du programme, j’ai tout de suite décidé de m’inscrire à une année d’échange, d’autant plus qu’un séjour au Maroc me permettrait également de découvrir une nouvelle culture … »

Jean DEWATRE Double Diplôme 2012-2013, EM Normandie (France)

« My Moroccan experience was awesome….I would recommend it to anyone! Coming here at first wasn’t a choice but I ended up loving the country, the habits, mentality and the Moroccan environment as a whole. »

Briac De Kerros Fall 2016, RSM, Erasmus University, Pays-Bas