5 reasons to participate in a exchange at ESCA

  • Programs in 2 languages ​​+ Arabic course for beginners
  • Professional opportunities
  • Fulfilling activities
  • A rich and diverse culture
  • Understand the Arab world and its specifications
  • Live the African experience in one country


My Exchange experience at ESCA

An overview on the whole ESCA exchange experience


Jordan T.LEE from Canada- UVIC


Stefanie FELTWELL from University of South Carolina – USA


Edouard Albrieux from France – Em Normandie


Casablanca the place to be !

Casablanca (or White City), the largest city in Morocco with more than 4,270,750 inhabitants.

Economic capital, it is located on the Atlantic coast about 80 km south of the country’s administrative capital, Rabat.

Lively city, it also knows a large number of artistic and economic events throughout the year.

With  two international exhibition fairs, Casablanca is the capital of Moroccan events.

Casablanca is located on the coast of Morocco. The mildness of the Mediterranean climate which benefits the city, allows to take advantage of the immense beaches. Especially since the city has exceptional sunshine all year round.

Casablanca is a city of knowledge that hosts a large community of students from all over the kingdom or from French-speaking Africa. Morocco’s leading higher education center, apart from a particularly stimulating student life, Casablanca is proving to be an excellent laboratory for a whole host of young people from a variety of backgrounds. For many, it is indeed the place where they discover autonomy and responsibility at the same time as they access knowledge and training.

The official languages ​​of Morocco are Arabic and Amazigh. Morocco is also the third largest French-speaking country in the world. French is taught there as early as primary school. It is also the language spoken in Moroccan administrations. English has become a foreign language and is taught in most schools at a very young age.

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The International Relations Department assists international students in their exchange program by offering the following services:

  • Information on academic programs
  • Housing assistance
  • Regular follow-up
  • Airport pick up
  • Personalized assistance through the Welcome Team: A group of volunteer students who accompany you during your exchange.
  • An integration week at the beginning of each semester, rich in activities

The department and the Welcome team also contribute to the experience of international students by organizing trips, outings and various activities.