The E-library : Escalibris

A club that challenges students to read and share information. It seeks to develop their analytical mind and their sense of criticism. The club uses the platform Scholarvox by Cyberlibris which is the first online library in Europe. It is a powerful and practical research tool with more than 30,000 books and 10 specialized journals covering all Management disciplines directly available to students, professors and administrative staff of ESCA Ecole de Management.

ESCA Ecole de Management is the first school in Africa to join the Cyberlibris club. Personal accounts access are communicated to all ESCA Community, allowing them to navigate easily and carry out their research by consulting the most recent books and journals of Management without borders and in full version.

This platform is also a knowledge-sharing space for teachers to create shelves in line with the books and journals they recommend. This is another way of communicating with students. Teachers can also leave their notes and instructions by part.