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The Media Center:

ESCA Management School library provides all resources and information services required for education, research and support activities.

More than 1,200 books are available at the library, with more than 15 national and professional magazines and newspapers offered on a daily basis. The collection of student dissertations and research projects is particularly rich. In addition, the library also provides access to a wide variety of electronic resources (e-books, full-text electronic journals, etc..).

Students and participants at ESCA Management School  have access to an online library containing more than 15,500 books specializing in management and related fields. With two reading rooms and multimedia centers, the library of the School is open every day for students, participants, teachers and administrative staff. In addition to resources, personalized support for research and teaching is available on site. Welcoming and fully-equipped, the library of ESCA Management School is a real Learning Center where sharing, exchange, culture and development are waiting for you.


The ESCALIBRIS code allows all ESCA Management School students to access the online library which contains more than 15,500 books in French and English. Exchange students will also receive an ID and password to log in to ESCALIBRIS.

ESCALIBRIS is a club whose challenge is to motivate students and encourage them to read and share information. It seeks to develop their analytical skills and sense of criticism. The club uses the Scholarvox by Cyberlibris platform, the first online library in Europe. It is a powerful search tool with more than 15500 books and 10 specialized journals covering all disciplines of management and that are directly available to students, faculty and administrative staff of ESCA Management School.

ESCA Management School, the first school in Africa to access ScholarVox services, offers to its whole community personal accounts and accesses to this platform and its resources throughout the term of their presence on campus.

This platform is also a room for sharing knowledge, and offers teachers the possibility to create virtual book shelves in line with the books and journals they recommend.