Emily Lapp

MBA student University of San Diego


” Through our interaction with students and school leadership, we learned about the business opportunities available in Africa and specifically, the steps ESCA is taking to prepare their graduates to become business leaders in Africa. The Ministry of Tourism spoke to us about Morocco’s plan for to become a leading global destination by the year 2020. Additionally, we had the opportunity to learn about recent changes in Morocco’s legal code that grants unprecedented freedoms to Moroccan women, enabling them to freely participate in the global economy.

I left Morocco highly impressed with ESCA and fully confident that the African continent and Morocco’s neighboring European countries would soon reap the many benefits of the exceptional business education provided to students by ESCA. “


Pr. Martin Butler

Professor University of Stellenbosch

” The doing business in Morocco and North Africa international week presented by ESCA exceeded all expectations. Engaging faculty, lively discussions, personal attention to detail and extremely interesting visits to diverse organizations made this a once in a lifetime experience. ESCA is exceptional in terms of balancing a personal touch and remaining professional at all instances. The amount of learning balanced with diverse social activities to also allow engagement into the local culture makes this a favorite global destination for Stellenbosch students. “