E-learning Academy

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The E-learning Academy, is an online platform that provides access to a wide range of training. It is especially dedicated to students wishing to develop their language skills by improving their level or learning new languages.

The platform also offers training in IT, management and personal development.

E-Learning is the way to increase the effectiveness of training through:

1- A better individualization of the training courses. This can only be achieved by placement tests before any training course to provide the right level of training to the right person

2- The creation of a dynamic of exchanges between peers and with trainers in order to create an online knowledge base specific to ESCA

3- A mix between online courses with classes and activities, students can therefore take e-learning courses before coming to class. The faculty  will concentrate its class on discussions and questions to create a group dynamic and motivate students.

4- The enrichment of the standard catalog proposed in the platform by reorganizing the modules according to the ESCA synopsis and specific content into these courses (downloadable files, interactive content, quizzes, etc.).

  • Faculty role in E-learning Academy

The faculty  involvement is the key of  the e-learning project success. Their implication translates into the following roles:

  • Integrate the e-learning platform into the training curriculum by creating courses in Blended mode (mixing room and distance training). This requires a good mastery of the educational content in order to combine it with the existing training courses
  • Communicate with learners via the platform to motivate them, answer their questions and facilitate exchange forums
  • Enrich the catalog with their own content


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