ESCA Ecole de Management – Casablanca Summer Academy : 

A Sunny Moroccan Summer awaits you!


The “Casablanca Summer Academy” hosts students from all over the world who are interested in the Moroccan Culture and would like to enjoy a learning by doing experience from one of the top Business School in the continent!

The Program is fully taught in English and offers a variety of academic courses, workshops, study trip and fun activities. The “Casablanca Summer Academy” is intended to :

  • students looking for a New immersive and fascinating experience where they can learn from their differences,
  • students willing to get beyond their comfort zone and are looking for an outstanding experience
  • students open to see the world from different perspective,  discover an Arab-Muslim country, its tolerance and openness to other ethnicities and religions, konw more about Morocco as a regional hub and a gateway to Africa.

If you are looking for a destination where you could embrace a New Culture and immerse yourself in a unique and stimulating environment, join the Casablanca Summer Academy !

An Unforgettable Summer in the Kingdom of light, Morocco

Beyond the learning by doing experience that ESCA’s offer, you will be able to enjoy a warm journey not only because of the sunny weather but also thanks to Morocco’s genuine welcoming, magnificent beaches, delightful cuisine as well as incredible history and landscapes.

The Journey of Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

The Casablanca Summer Academy is an opportunity to meet students from all over the world in a great balance between studying and leisure. It will give you an insight into the Moroccan Culture and Africa, helping you acquire the flexibility and capacity to adapt and interact with people from different backgrounds.