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Retrouvez ici tous les détails qui vous permettront de préparer au mieux votre séjour à Casablanca et votre période d’études à ESCA Ecole de Management : assurances, recherche de logement, demande de visa temporaire, calendrier académique, système de notation à ESCA Ecole de Management…

Grading scale
Letter GradeMarkPerformance
BUp to 17Excellent
C14.5-16.5Very good
FBellow 10Fail
INPIn progress


It is mandatory for exchange students to contract an international insurance covering the exchange semester period in Morocco.


As every host institution, ESCA takes care of accommodation matters as it regards exchange students. ESCA Ecole de Management suggests 2 types of accommodations:
· A student residency: Loge Etude, located in Oasis neighborhood, which is 20 minutes away from the school by Tramway.
· Apartments downtown the city that are 5 to 20 minutes’ walk from the school.


Depending on your home country, you could need a visa for your stay in Morocco. Please check this link to have an idea about the procedure of visa application and the list of countries which don’t need a visa for a short stay in Morocco.


Augsburg University (Allemagne)

I chose to do my semester abroad in Morocco because of three reasons: First due to the unique chance to practice several languages at the same time. Native speakers from all over the world are studying at ESCA.

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Youssra El Hariri
Head of International Relations