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Student Associations

Associational life is a key pillar in the programs of ESCA Ecole de Management. It encourages students to create, innovate, implement and evaluate additional projects to their teachings. Such a process of personal development enables them to mobilize their managerial skills (project management) and to develop positive attitudes sought by companies such as responsibility, respect for individuals and their environment, etc.





Creativity & Innovation

International Relations

Community life enriches the educational path through extra-curricular projects. Through the activities of community life, students organize and participate in cultural activities, sports, solidarity, international relations, innovation, creativity and pre-professional projects. To do this, they realize several management tasks including the feasibility study, research sponsorship, and planning and monitoring of the project. Thus, students gain a sense of responsibility, develop new skills and enhance their capacity to undertake more tasks. Community life allows, therefore, their personal and professional development. The project is evaluated by a jury after a defense and an interview.



Learn to plan, manage, implement and realize a project

Taking Initiative

Assume responsibility and be result-oriented

Organizational Skills

Integrate the values of Ecole de Management

Team Management

Adopt behaviors favorable to the success of community projects

Time Management

Develop behaviors that promote professional success


Open to world of student associations


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