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Development, Knowledge & Creativity are the three key words of the Culture Section of ESCA Ecole de Management. The objective is to be a real source of knowledge for students but also and perhaps more importantly to allow the development and the expression of talent. This is the main objective of this section. In addition, we are also here to guide, supervise or accompany all projects related to the cultural aspect of the ESCA School of Management by bringing the resources, skills and methodology necessary for their organization. To find an academic and fun aspect at the same time, the Culture Division is divided into two main components:

Culture management

It deals with economic, socio-politic, and managerial conferences.

Ar & Decoration

It includes number of workshops including: :

• The Office for Visual Arts : it includes activities related to drawing, painting and photography.
• The Escamist Choir: The workshop for music lovers.
• The dance team: which includes many contemporary and traditional dances? This is to provide a framework to introduce students to ballroom, latin or Zumba for example.
• The drama and poetry club: which consists of the reading and writing clubs.
• The Dramatic Club: it enables the practice of theater and allows students to acquire fluency in speaking in public.
• The Language Workshop: whose main mission is to facilitate language learning through fun activities.

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