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International Business

The International BusinessTrack will help you master international management issues through semesters at ESCA Ecole de Management in multinational students’ groups, a mandatory exchange semester abroad and professional internships. The courses are mainly taught in English.

4th Year

Semester 1

Communication & Personal Development

•Spanish 5
•German 1
•Personal Development and Individual Performance


•Supply Chain Management
•Total Quality Management
•Social Law
•Quantitative Methods applied to Management

Major (Specialization)

•Doing business in MENA
•International Finance
•International Markets Studies
•International Risk Management

Global Perspective

•Business Ethics
•Geopolitics 1 : MENA & AFRICA
•Intercultural Management

Semester 2

Communication & Personal Development

•Spanish 6
•German 2
•Personal Development and Individual Performance


•Innovation Management
•Decision-Making Support Systems
•International Project Management
•Qualitative Methods applied to Management

Major (Specialization)

•Doing Business in the Euro-Mediterranean Area
•International purchasing management
•International sales
•International Trade

Global Perspective

•Geopolitics 2 : Geopolitics in the Euro-Mediterranean Area
•Social Innovation
•Professional Placement (Internship)

5th Year

Semester 1

Advanced Management

•Complexity Management
•International Entrepreneurship
•Organizational Leadership


•Doing Business in ASIA
•Geopolitics 1: ASIA Opportunities & Risks
•Economic Spaces’ Analysis

Major 1

•Mandarin for Business
•Spanish for Business
•International Law

Major 2 (International Business)

•International Human Resources
•International Strategic Management
•International Accounting (IFRS)
•Custom Techniques

Semester 2

In-house Placement


Professional Dissertation

Admission Testing

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