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Continuing Education

Open up on new horizons !!

The Executive MBA aims to develop your leadership and trains you on decision-making in an international environment. This course gives participants the opportunity to sharpen their curiosity and to train on decision making in complex and unpredictable economical environments.

Accélérateur d’ambition

This program will provide participants with a thorough knowledge of the functioning of financial markets, and enable them to acquire the finest techniques of corporate finance.

Excellence in training for managers and executives!

Facing the accelerating globalization, Know-how and creativity are the real accelerators of economic growth. Corporates must ensure the quality of their human resources and their ability to anticipate and take advantage of the opportunities induced by open markets. This requires a constant effort of training and developing skills that create value.

Give meaning to your potential!

Facing more significant economical and technological changes, technicians and employees must learn to see the corporate in a professional perspective. Today, through a partnership between ESCA Ecole de Management and Grenoble Ecole de Management (ESC Grenoble Group), the Business Manager Program will allow you access to real leadership roles and therefore, allowing your company to maximize its potential. This training will allow you to better understand the enterprise as a whole, to assimilate new tools and methods of management and gain real leadership skills to grow within the company.

Develop a double expertise : Management & Insurance

To support the growth of the insurance sector, ESCA Ecole de Management, the Moroccan Insurance and Contingency Companies Association (FMSAR) and ESA Ecole Supérieure d'Assurances (Paris) have set up a Program in Insurance Management that provide participants with the necessary skills to master the fundamentals of management and technical, legal, economical and organizational aspects of insurance.

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