S.S.D. Advanced Management & Innovation

Training of excellence with international equivalency !

Program details


A semester in 5 modules of 3 days + 1 module in Brussels


This course is for executives or managers with high potential and high academic level endowed with a proven experience in business.


1 module per month

Admission requirements

The training is open to candidates with an university degree or higher education, and / or proven professional experience .


The various modules of this training help to develop a new approach to issues and strategic positioning of the company, but also to master sophisticated instrumentation control and decision making. With these achievements, participants can better control the performance of their organization and the effectiveness of their teams. They will be able to:
Develop a business strategy in line with the economic environment
Understand the complexity and manage change within your organization
Promote performance through innovative management team..

Strengths of this program

Practical, designed by professionals and experts from the academic world.
Condensed on one semester of 5 modules in 3 days.
Flexible: possibility to catch up a missed module.
Meets corporate‘s expectations.
Value of a mutual improvement.
Obtaining a D.E.S in Advanced Management & high level Innovation.

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Admission criteria :

Admission to the Master in two years program : This program is open to people having a high school diploma plus 3 years of study whatever the major.

Application file :

For your application: contact Ms Hafssa TAZI htazi@esca.ma

Module 1 : The Business athlete- the human energy

From self-realization to self-transcendence
The three human potential axes.
The Bridger Manager - to build the bridge between Performance and achievement.

Module 2 : Control Your Performance

The usefulness of the right tools
The corporate: a network of knowledge and skills.
The team and the working group.
Building a real powerful team.
The theory of roles in a team (Belbin Meredith).
The communication process.
Profile and sustainable development of a winning team.

Module 3 : Advanced Strategic Management

To reinvent its business model
Impact of environmental factors
Diagnosis of different functions of the company
Strategic Alternatives
Strategic Planning
Strategic surveillance and Monitoring systems
Change Management
Designning of Business Plan

Module 4 : Control Your Performance

The usefulness of the right tools
Basic concepts.
Definition of Management Control (MC).
Evolution of Management control over time.
Role of Management control - linked to the strategic deployment.
A concrete example of the usefulness of the Management control.
Management control tools.
Strategy Deployment - complete methodology.

Module 5 : From creativity to innovation

Penser autrement et oser imaginer
Develop personal creative abilities
Structuring creativity leading to innovation
The implementation of creative thinking in business

Double degree

 Participants who actively followed the 5 modules will receive the Degree of special studies in addition to the Advanced Management and Innovation Certificate (CES) from ICHEC-Enterprises (Brussels) This degree has an international equivalency of 15 credits ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)



- General manager
- Sales Manager
- Marketing Manager
- Chief of Staff

Le DES Management Avancé et Innovation est avant tout un programme bien pensé et pragmatique, car il a été conçu et dispensé par des personnes avec un vécu et une connaissance approfondie de l’univers de l’entreprise. C’est également une véritable source d’inspiration et de motivation pour tout dirigeant à la croisée des chemins, et une remise en question permanente pour perpétuer l’aventure humaine pour les autres.

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