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ESCA Ecole de Management (Morocco) Signs Agreement with Louvain School of Management (Belgium)

Founded in 1897 as part of one of Europe's oldest universities, Louvain School of Management offers high-level teaching based on advanced research. Each year, 1,400 students enroll in its programmes, 40% of them being international students. LSM is accredited by EQUIS, a key label of quality awarded to the best business schools. Reflecting Belgium’s cultural and linguistic diversity, LSM offers programs taught in French and in English, as well as trilingual programmes and a large range of double degrees with international partners.

As part of this agreement that promotes complementarity, both institutions are committed to developing their academic relations and encourage student and faculty exchange during the academic years 2015-2016 to 2020-2021.

In this time of rapid changes and difficult transitions, ESCA and LSM have the willingness to share their tools and approaches to decipher complexity: from Casablanca, a gateway to emerging Africa, ESCA Ecole de Management has developed innovative research projects in the fields of geopolitics and geoeconomics, and provides an insider’s perspective on economic dynamics that cross North Africa, the Arab-Muslim world, MENA region and Africa. The School is recognized internationally for its expertise in decoding emerging markets, and regularly conducts high-level seminars for foreign participants (top managers and entrepreneurs) willing to understand the economic challenges and potentials of the region.
Louvain School of Management, for its part, is also known for its research structured into five Centers of Excellence covering sub-disciplines of management and at the service of its environment. A champion of exports, the Belgian economy relies on a network of successful, innovative and job-creating SMEs. Belgium enjoys, like Morocco, a strategic geographical position, and plays a key role as a transit and logistics interface for the European Union.
No doubt that the interactions between ESCA Ecole de Management and Louvain School of Management will enrich each institution’s practices in a logic of complementarity and diversity.

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