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Casablanca Business Summer Program

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Casablanca Business Summer Program is an international learning program which is open to international students from all over the world. This program prepares students to future international business success especially in emerging countries. It aims at appreciating the African region business opportunities.

Why Morocco and Africa?

Morocco is ranked among the most attractive countries on the African continent, offering a dynamic ecosystem for doing business. In this context, Casablanca emerges as an international financial center, the major industrial pole in the region, and as an economic hub for Africa with a focus on the Middle East and North African region. The city offers an excellent gateway to Africa, which represents the world’s most promising market, thanks to:

The emergence of a mass consumer society: 90 million African households had joined the world’s consuming classes by 2011, a third of population as middle class today, and 128 million African households with discretionary income and 1.4 trillion US dollars as Africa’s consumer spending in 2020,

The most rapidly GDP annual growth, which is rising by more than 5% per year between 2000 and 2008, compared to 4% globally. Six of the ten fastest-growing countries in the world are African and Sub-Saharan countries representing the second fastest-growing region after the Asian one. Also, 1.6 trillion US dollars Africa collective GDP in 2008 (near to Brazil’s or Russia’s) and 2.6 trillion dollars in 2020.

A young and rapid growing workforce: 122 million more workers, more than in other region by 2020, 1 in 5 of the planet’s young people will be African by 2040, 1.1 billion as number of Africans of working age in 2040 and the largest continent’s labor force in the world by 2035.

An important natural resources: 10 % of world’s reserves of oil, 40 % of world’s reserves of gold, 80 % of the platinium group metals and 60% Africa’s share of the world’s total amount of uncultivated, arable land.

The development of the African contenders: Since 1998, the revenues of the 500 largest African companies, excluding the banking sector, have grown by 8,3 % annually. The 40 African challengers range in size from $350 million to 80 billion in annual sales and 20 African companies have revenues of at least $3 billion.

Learning Objectives

Reinforce your global perspective and knowledge about African contexts by:

Exploring business opportunities in the African Market (economic growth, Market demand, Growth and key sectors, Local competition, etc.) and how Morocco is the best Gateway to it.

Discovering the characteristics of the local environment (economic, social, cultural, political and legal dimensions) and the competition;

Appreciating the resources and models to use in order to explore and seize business opportunities in the international environment (Morocco as an emerging African country in this case);

Experiencing the interaction with an African culture and discovering Moroccan values.

Deadline : 31 Mars 2017

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Augsburg University (Allemagne)

I chose to do my semester abroad in Morocco because of three reasons: First due to the unique chance to practice several languages at the same time. Native speakers from all over the world are studying at ESCA.

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Youssra El Hariri
Head of International Relations

[email protected]