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Research Groups

Research at ESCA Ecole de Management

The research at ESCA Ecole de Management is considered as a strategic academic activity to serve our community of students, teachers, and also the the economy  through the business world.

Our projects aim to meet the needs of our environment and is intended to contribute to the development of knowledge and management practices in emerging markets.

In order to ensure that the research activities of teachers are consistent with the mission and the strategic objectives, the school adopts a research policy based, on the one hand, on a rigorous organization and formalism in order to structure and channel scientific production and, secondly, incentives to encourage research professors.

The research areas of ESCA Ecole de Management are as follows :

  • Axis 1 : Geopolitics & Geo-economics
  • Axis 2 : Family Business
  • Axis 3 : Entrepreneurship, Business Models and Innovation
  • Axis 4 : CSR, Sustainable Development and Ethics of Business
  • Axis 5 : Strategies and Management in Complex Situations


Geopolitics  and Geoeconomics Research Group

The business environment is increasingly complex and uncertain.

Global market conditions are forcing firms to internationalize in a context that often carries risks for their business.

The necessity of integrating into today's manager's profile a set of skills and analysis tools that allow him to have a clear perception of the markets and the risks (political, economic, environmental) they generate to guide their decisions.

Through its geopolitical research and analysis structure (GRGG), ESCA Ecole de Management Casablanca is now part of this logic to make a significant contribution to the proliferation of geopolitical education and research.

Having first integrated geopolitics into its teachings, a major first in business schools in Morocco, the primary objective through the launch of the GRGG will be to build a platform for analysis and exchange between academics and professionals from here and abroad. 'elsewhere. The aim is to discuss recurring issues, such as global energy issues and their implications for the power strategies of states, the emergence of new actors on the international political scene and their impact on inter-state power relations. sustainable growth and its challenges.

The Research Group in Geopolitics and Geoeconomics (GRGG) is the research and organization organization for events in geopolitics and geoeconomics at ESCA Ecole de Management.

Entrepreneurship & Leadership Research Group

The Entrepreneurship & Leadership Research Group mission is to contribute to the achievement of the ESCA mission particularly in training entrepreneurs and managers able to develop their leadership, manage in complexity and drive changes in an emerging economy.

ESCA Case Center

The Case Studies Research Group of ESCA Ecole de Management fosters the production of case studies from all Management disciplines (Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Logistics, Purchasing, Strategy, Law, Geopolitics, Innovation, Ethics etc. With the main focus on issues and companies from emerging countries.

Social Innovation & Sustainability Research Group

Our mission is to train students, leaders of tomorrow, to be agents of change, and to advise and support economic operators, in the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, in order to stimulate the creation of business opportunities through social innovation and entrepreneurship, and to participate effectively, to the sustainable development of emerging countries and Africa.

The Family Business Chair in Morocco

Family businesses are the most predominant form of companies and enterprises in Morocco. They play an essential role in stabilizing the economy and contribute significantly to the growth and competitiveness of the industrial and productive fabric. However, this category of companies has been paradoxically little integrated in the curricula of teaching and research institutions Moroccan higher education. It is for this reason that the "Family Businesses in Morocco" Chair was created at ESCA Ecole de Management.


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