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ESCA Alumni

Made by and for ESCA Graduates

After more than twenty years of experience and existence, the number of graduates has reached more than 3,000. This community represents a significant networking force, especially if one takes into account the quality and the variety of responsibilities assumed by these members.

Former ESCA Ecole de Management’s students play decisive role of ambassadors for the school, through the recognition they enjoy in the world of business and through their position of advisors who may influence companies looking for talent.

Since 2011, the school has an official association of graduates. Several actions have been taken since this creation:

• Structure the alumni database
• Gather a group of volunteer graduates to define the project
• Ensure stable and adequate funding for the development of the association's activities
• Build a legal structure for the association (statutes)
• Assign the development of the association to the Career Center
• Develop and validate an action plan (networking events, conferences, etc.)

Consolidating the strength of the alumni network initiative aims to highlight the School and the graduates’ initiatives. More specifically, it seeks to: • Strengthen the professional success of graduates in developing their professional network and perfecting their skills
• Ensure seamless connectivity between the School’s programs and the business world through sharing of experiences
• Maximize the academic success of “Grande Ecole” students and their job placement, by providing them with support and coaching
• Promote the image of the School and in the economic and social spheres

To reach these objectives, ESCA Alumni Association is dedicated to :
• Organize public conferences on current issues
• Organize networking events for the benefit of ESCA graduates
• Create clubs in accordance with the alumni’s interests
• Plan training activities for the benefit of members
• Actively involve in the management structures of the school (governance board, juries, research committees, academic committees, etc.)
• Supporte new graduates in managing their careers
• Support students during their studies (sponsorship, coaching, etc.)

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