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ESCA Ecole de Management is located in the heart of the business district of Casablanca City.

This cosmopolitan city energetically propels Morocco forward with a communicative joy. By 1912, European architects built a model city, combining visionary modernity and traditional charm, and organized its rapid development.

International deals and negotiations are conducted in Casablanca, where shops and malls abound, high-tech industries stand alongside international hotels, and worldwide conventions take place. Casablanca truly embodies modern Morocco.

Studying at ESCA Ecole de Management is a fantastic opportunity to live in the heart of the economic powerhouse of the Kingdom, where you will discover a completely different Morocco: self-confident, open to Western and Eastern influences, while maintaining its deeply-rooted sense of tradition.

The Hassan II Mosque is the symbol of Casablanca. Completed in August 1993, this is the largest mosque in Morocco and Africa. Its minaret is the world’s tallest at 210 meters above the sea. The Mosque is a gem of Islamic architecture, now the third largest mosque in the world after Mecca and Medina. It is both a place of prayer and a subject of national pride. It successfully combines most modern technologies to traditional Moroccan craftsmanship techniques: titanium doors mounted on cylinders and opening vertically, cedar ceilings from the Middle Atlas and carved by Fez and Tetuan artists, sliding roof, underfloor heating, beautiful traditional stucco from Marrakech, etc. The edifice is a true masterpiece that is complimented by a vast esplanade, a library and an Academy of Traditional Arts, which testify, if we suspected, the eminently cultural dimension of Casablanca.


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